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The Terror of Muscle Tower
Kanji マッスルタワーの恐怖
Rōmaji Massuru Tawā no Kyōfu
Viz The Red Ribbon Army
Volume Info
Previous Volume 4
Next Volume 6
Japanese January 9, 1987[1]
English March 2003[2]
Japanese ISBN 978-4-08-851835-0
English ISBN 978-1-56931-924-6
Character debut(s)
Technique debut(s)
  • Monkey Fist
  • Bankokubikkurishoū
  • Bunshin no Jutsu
  • Kakuremi no Jutsu
  • Suiton no Jutsu
Tool debut(s)
None in this volume

The Terror of Muscle Tower (マッスルタワーの恐怖, Massuru Tawā no Kyōfu; Viz "The Red Ribbon Army") is the fifth volume of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter 49

"Jackie Chun's Counterattack" (武天老師の逆襲, Jakkī Chun no Gyakushū; Viz "The Big Sleep")

Gokū begins to move around like a monkey in order to further frustrate Jackie Chun, leading Chun to perform a series of ominous movements, which end with Chun singing a lullaby to knock Gokū asleep. As the audience is disappointed at the potential end of the fight, Bulma, Oolong, Pu'ar, Yamcha and Kulilin plead to Gokū to wake up before the 10 count is over. Just before the 10 count ends, Bulma wakes up Gokū by screaming "it's time to eat," leading Gokū to wake up, look for food, and decide to finish off the fight in order to eat. A shell-shocked Jackie Chun engages Gokū in combat once more, and Gokū manages to strike Chun in the eyes and knock him down with his Jan Ken. As Chun recovers, he seemingly prepares to use his trump card in order to win the fight.

Chapter 50

"Gokū's Greatest Pinch!!" (悟空最大のピンチ!!, Gokū Saidai no Pinchi!!; Viz "Jackie's Shocking Secret")

As the sun sets with Gokū seemingly with the upper hand, Jackie Chun becomes persuaded that Gokū will lose the match by intending to perform a deadly move on the young boy. Jackie Chun reveals that he has only used this move on Gokū's grandfather Son Gohan before hitting Gokū with the shocking attack. As Chun, Yamcha and Kulilin plead to a persistent Gokū to give in or otherwise possibly lose his life, Gokū survives long enough before surrendering to look at the full moon and transform into a giant monkey once again, much to the shock of everyone.

Chapter 51

"Chaos Reigns at the Tenka-Ichi Budōkai" (天下一武道会大騒然, Tenka-Ichi Budōkai Daisōzen; Viz "And the Crowd Goes Wild!!"; Literally meaning "Chaos Reigns at the Number One Under Heaven Martial Arts Gathering")

As everyone at the Tenka-Ichi Budōkai is stunned at Gokū's transformation, Gokū begins his rampage on the tournament by tearing up property, causing everyone to run out of the dangerous vicinity. While Kulilin pleads to Gokū to change back to his child form, Yamcha explains that there's little point in doing so, as he explains that Gokū transforms into a giant monkey when witnessing a full moon. While Yamcha orders Pu'ar to shapeshift into scissors to cut off Gokū's tail, this revelation leads Jackie Chun to fire a full-powered Kamehameha, seemingly killing Gokū as the giant monkey disappears.

Chapter 52

"The Climax Nears!!" (クライマックス近し!!, Kuraimakkusu Chikashi!!; Viz "The Climax Approaches!")

As Yamcha and Kulilin chastise Jackie Chun for seemingly killing Gokū, Chun reveals that the young boy is indeed alive, and that he fired his Kamehameha wave to destroy the moon and revert Gokū from his transformation. As some are upset over the moon's destruction, Gokū gets back up when the host announcer begins the 10 count. While Gokū wonders why he's naked and proceeds to resume the fight with Jackie Chun, Kulilin offers his fellow disciple his gi. Kulilin is then surprised to find out that Gokū remembers nothing from his transformation.

As the fight rages on yet again, both fighters admit to gradually losing strength, but Chun seems to be in more trouble as he is out of energy to perform another Kamehameha, leading Gokū to take advantage by firing a Kamehameha of his own and kick Chun out of the ring. While Gokū seemingly gains the victory, it is revealed that Chun narrowly missed a ring out, and the battle continues once again. As Chun realizes that Gokū has a tiny body, both fighters charge towards each other.

Chapter 53

"The Climax" (クライマックス, Kuraimakkusu; Viz "The Final Blow")

As both Jackie Chun and Gokū charge towards each other, both manage to kick each other in the face, resulting in a double knockout by the end of the 10 count regardless of the audience's pleas for each of the fighters to get back up.

The host announcer then explains that ties do not exist in the Tenka-Ichi Budōkai, and affirms that whoever stands up and happily says "yep, I won it" first would be declared the winner. As both contestants struggle to stand up, Gokū manages to get up first, but collapses, leading Chun to attain the victory by standing up and successfully uttering the winning phrase.

Knowing that Gokū would virtually mimic every move he would perform, Chun contemplates that since his legs are longer than Gokū's, his kick struck more damage to the body than that of Gokū's kick. As Chun marvels at Gokū being the only fighter ever to make he, Muten Rōshi, be pushed so far, Gokū figures to train harder and once again fight against Chun, much to the excitement of the crowd for witnessing a great final battle and tournament overall.

Chapter 54

"Another Adventure!!" (再冒険!!, Saibōken!!; Viz "On the Road Again")

As Jackie Chun attains victory, he, Gokū and Kulilin praise each other for the battles they've put up against each other at the tournament. As Gokū, Kulilin, Bulma, Yamcha and Oolong all wait for Kame-Sennin to show up, the turtle hermit takes off his Jackie Chun disguise in the bushes and meets up with the rest of the Dragon Team. As Bulma asks of Kame-Sennin's whereabouts during the entirety of the tournament, he claims he was in the bathroom watching the fights from the back, much to his disciples' excitement. As Gokū and Kulilin debate over the possibility of Gokū beating Chun, Kame-Sennin informs them that there will always be someone stronger than them, and that their true training in the martial arts begins.

The turtle hermit then decides to treat everyone to dinner, but Kame-Sennin then loses nearly all of the prize money he won as Jackie Chun at the tournament from paying for the dinner, with Gokū's ravenousness being a big contributor to the loss of money. As the Dragon Team drives home, Gokū once again resolves to find his grandfather's four-star Dragon Ball, seeing the journey as the perfect opportunity to train after Kame-Sennin admits that Gokū and Kulilin need no further training from him again. After further discussion, Gokū then calls upon his Kintoun and says his goodbyes to the rest of the Dragon Team as he sets off on another quest.

Chapter 55

"The Red Ribbon" (赤いリボン, Akai Ribon)

In the morning, after Gokū spends the rest of the time flying on his Kintoun searching for the four-star Dragon Ball, he eventually detects one on the Dragon Radar. As Gokū heads towards the mystical ball, Colonel Silver orders his subordinates to find the Dragon Ball they've been searching 20 days for, who then become stunned at Gokū's ability to find the ball so quickly after he encounters it.

Both of Silver's cronies threaten Gokū to surrender the Dragon Ball, but to no avail, as Gokū dominates both of them. While Gokū decides to keep the ball, one of Silver's minions contact the colonel of Gokū's interference, leading Silver to destroy Gokū's Kintoun with a rocket launcher, much to the young boy's anger. As Gokū refuses to answer to Silver's questions about the technology he uses to discover the balls and demands an apology, the Colonel gets ready to fight the young boy, warning him not to underestimate the Red Ribbon Army.

Chapter 56

"The Struggle for the Dragon Ball" (ドラゴンボール争奪戦, Doragon Bōru Sōdatsusen; Viz "The Dragon Ball Scramble")

After Goku resists answering Colonel Silver's inquiries of the young boy's Dragon Radar, the colonel, refusing to be ignored, snatches Goku's bag, only for the boy to quickly take it back. Subsequently, Silver attempts to assault Goku, but is knocked out by two kicks from the boy. Goku, who realizes he cannot be as mobile as before due to his Kintoun being destroyed, discovers a capsule robot which then instructs the boy to summon an airplane with a capsule after Goku tells the robot of his intentions.

While the robot flies Goku to his destination, the commander of the Red Ribbon Army learns of Silver losing the Dragon Ball, and decides to send the colonel to execution after learning Silver lost it to a young boy such as Goku. While the commander's assistant wonders who Goku is, the commander instructs his assistant to contact another general to kill Goku and retrieve the Dragon Ball.

A cold Goku then crash lands after the robot malfunctions due to the icy conditions. While this catches the attention of the Red Ribbon Army, a young girl drags Goku from the snow.

Chapter 57

"Assault on Muscle Tower!!" (マッスルタワー突撃!!, Massuru Tawā Totsugeki!!; Viz "The Storming of Muscle Tower")

As General White is frustrated with his subordinates being unable to locate Gokū, the young boy is unconscious and being dragged through the snow by a young girl. The girl informs her mother of Gokū, who then wakes up and wonders of his whereabouts. After the mother helps Gokū recover, she and her daughter react in fear when they learn of Gokū's search for the Dragon Balls, thinking he is part of the Red Ribbon Army, who then learns of Gokū's location.

After the brief misunderstanding, Gokū learns from the girl and her mother of the army's pursuit of the Dragon Balls, and shows them a Dragon Ball and tells them of his intent to find his grandfather's memoir, the four star Dragon Ball. After Gokū explains to them about the seven Dragon Balls and what happens when they are gathered, he learns that the girl's father and other village men were threatened to help the army find the balls for their own evildoing.

After the conversation, the troops of the Red Ribbon Army bust in unannounced and threaten the three, leading Gokū to swiftly defeat them, much to the girl's astonishment. Gokū then attempts to assault the Red Ribbon Army, but not before having to receive extra garments from the girl's house due to the low temperature weather conditions. The young boy then uses his Nyoibō to repel the army's attacks and beat them down as he attempts to head to the top floor of the army's tower.

Chapter 58

"The Terror of Muscle Tower" (マッスルタワーの恐怖, Massuru Tawā no Kyōfu; Viz "The Flexing of Muscle Tower")

As Gokū enters the tower, General White dares the young boy to climb all the way to the top of the tower, and orders the men in the room Gokū enters to subdue him. Gokū, however, takes out all of the men in the room, impressing the general. As White predicts Gokū's doom, the young boy advances to the next floor and combats Sergeant Metallic. After Gokū and Metallic exchange blows, the boy manages to send the large sergeant flying to the wall, but is then surprised when Metallic emerges unaffected by Gokū's attack.

Chapter 59

"The Devil on the Third Floor!!" (3階の悪魔!!, Sankai no Akuma!!; Viz "Devil on the Third Floor")

As Sergeant Metallic emerges, he manages to land a hard blow on Gokū. As Metallic prepares to step on the young boy, Gokū manages to get back up and retaliate by headbutting the sergeant, although hurting his head in the process. As Ninja Murasaki is impressed by Gokū's prowess, General White is confident Metallic will stand his ground, as the sergeant fires a missile that creates a big crevice on a nearby wall, convincing White that Gokū was dead.

However, Gokū is revealed to be hiding, formulating a strategy to combat the sergeant. Gokū reveals himself, much to White, Murasaki and Metallic's surprise, and fires a Kamehameha at the sergeant. As the ninja and the general are shocked the damage Gokū had dealt to Metallic, the decapitated sergeant continues to attack a stunned Gokū, as Metallic is revealed to be a robot by White. As Gokū prepares to take on the remnants of Metallic, the robot then malfunctions, and Gokū advances to the next floor.

Chapter 60

"Ninja Murasaki!!" (忍者ムラサキ!!, Ninja Murasaki!!; Viz "Purple People Beater"; Literally meaning "Ninja Purple!!")

As Gokū advances to the next floor, he encounters a room reminiscent of the outdoors, only to be assaulted by kunai flying in his direction, which he dodges. Gokū then ends up hearing a voice that taunts the young boy to figure out where the voice is coming from. Suddenly, shuriken end up coming towards Gokū, which he narrowly evades as well. The trajectory of the shuriken causes Gokū to figure out where they're coming from and who's throwing them, who is revealed to be Ninja Murasaki.

Upon being discovered, the ninja throws a smoke ball to conceal himself from Gokū's line of sight once more, but ends up revealing himself after Gokū notices the ninja covering himself with the American flag instead of properly using his method of camouflage. After failing to hide himself a few times, as even hiding underwater proved to be ineffective, Murasaki decides to attack Gokū head-on, but not before they test each other in speed. Gokū's quickness eventually frustrates the ninja, leading General White, who is watching the battle, to comment on Murasaki's power but lack of intelligence.