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Bulma's Big Blunder!!
Kanji ブルマの大失敗!!
Rōmaji Buruma no Dai-Shippai!!
Viz Bulma Returns!
Volume Info
Previous Volume 5
Next Volume 7
Japanese March 10, 1987[1]
English March 2003[2]
Japanese ISBN 978-4-08-851836-7
English ISBN 978-1-56931-925-3
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Technique debut(s)
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Bulma's Big Blunder!! (ブルマの大失敗!!, Buruma no Daishippai!!; Viz "Bulma Returns!") is the sixth volume of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter 61

"Ninja Arts! The 4½ Tatamigaeshi!!" (忍法! 四畳半タタミ返し!!, Ninpō! Yonjōhan Tatamigaeshi!!; Viz "The 4½ Tatami Mat Flip")

Gokū's match with the terrifying Ninja Murasaki continues. Despite the ninja's confidence in his own skills, Gokū continues to best the man, matching him blow for blow and eventually depriving him of his sword. After even his Boomerang Shuriken fails to work, the ninja flees, taking cover in a tatami house.

Armed with shuriken from their previous encounter, Gokū pursues, and throws every shuriken at the ninja. Murasaki blocks almost every one of them with ease by flipping tatami mats, but since he only stocked up on four and a half, the final shuriken impales him on the head. Angry, Murasaki declares he'll make Gokū pay.

Chapter 62

"Peril! Bunshin no Jutsu" (危機!分身の術, Kiki! Bunshin no Jutsu; Viz "The Ninja Split!")

Hot in pursuit of each other, Murasaki kaes a hasty retreat from Son Gokū. Hiding behind a smokescreen and quickly striding across a pirahna-infested lake, the ninja taunts Gokū only for the young monkey-boy to leap across the lake with no effort. Truly becoming desperate, Murasaki whistles into the air, and tells Gokū he will reveal his ultimate technique. Making a hand sign, he announces the Bunshin no Jutsu, and multiple copies of him appear from behind.

With multiple attacks coming from every angle, Gokū is forced to conclude that every Murasaki is real. They confirm this, stating that they are, in fact, quintuplets. The siblings make a move on Goku, only to find out that Gokū can use the real Bunshin no Jutsu, and he deftly handles the entire group. The final remaining Murasaki flees to Android No. 8, demanding he kill Gokū.

Chapter 63

"Android No. 8" (人造人間8号, Jinzōningen Hachi-Gō; Viz "Mechanical Man No. 8")

Fleeing from his young pursuer, Murasaki lets Android No. 8 out of his cage, demanding he kill Goku. No. 8 refuses outright, stating that living things should not be killed, and that he doesn't want to do bad things. Murasaki is enraged, but No. 8 knows that the Red Ribbon Army is committing atrocities, and doesn't want to do what they say. Murasaki brings out a remote, and tells No. 8 that if he refuses to listen, a simple press of the button will activate the bomb hidden in his chest, and blow him up.

When No. 8 refuses again, General White issues the order for Murasaki to blow up the failure. Moving to take cover, Murasaki prepares to blow him up, and No. 8 accepts his fate. Goku, enraged, defeats Murasaki with the Jan Ken after destroying the remote. Goku and No. 8 introduce themselves to each other, and No. 8 volunteers to take Goku to the top floor of Muscle Tower. Deciding his name was too hard to say, Goku gives No. 8 the nickname "Hacchan", and No. 8 likes the sound of the nickname.

They make it easily to the top floor, and enter General White's building. Despite being implored to surrender, White presses a button, triggering the trap door in his office and sending Goku and No. 8 plummeting to the depths.

Chapter 64

"Floor Five: The Hair-Raising Buyon" (5階戦慄のブヨン, Gokai Senritsu no Buyon; Viz "The Horrible… Jiggler!")

No. 8 and Gokū, after having fallen into General White's trap, crash into a hidden floor below. He demands Gokū's radar and Dragon Balls in exchange for his freedom; Gokū, naturally refuses. No. 8 asks if Gokū is planning on misuing the Dragon Balls as well, but Gokū assures him he only wants the one left by his grandfather. Happy to know this, No. 8 and Gokū are surprised as the wall begins to rise, revealing a strange alien creature known as Buyon.

Gokū is confident that he can defeat the creature, and immediately engages it in combat. However, due to its rubbery body, Buyon deflects all of Gokū's attacks with ease, and electrocutes the boy before nearly eating him. Desperately, due to a combination of tiredness and hunger, Gokū prepares a Kamehameha. However, with his rubbery stomach, Buyon deflects even the Kamehameha, leaving Gokū tired and hungry and in a desperate situation.

Chapter 65

"How to Defeat Buyon" (ブヨン攻略法, Buyon Kōryakuhō; Viz "How to Unjiggle a Jiggler")

After the deflection of his Kamehameha, Gokū is left tired and nervous. White offers him a chance to surrender the Dragon Balls and Dragon Radar, but Gokū once again refuses. Irritated, the general tells Buyon to proceedand kill the both of them. Buyon, without hesitation attemots to devour No. 8 only to be stopped by Gokū. Despite his best efforts, however, Gokū is still unable to attack the monster properly. Remembering what the villager Snow mentioned about being 'frozen', Gokū — to the shock of the observers — punched the wall, shattering it and letting inside the freezing winds.

The young boy ran to No. 8, and hid inside his jacket, as the cold doesn't bother an Android. The winds rush in, freezing Buyon solid in mere seconds. Gokū rushes out of No. 8's jacket, kicking the rubbery creature, before rushing back into No. 8's jacket. Within seconds, Buyon shatters, shocking White. Gokū leaps upwards, crashing through the ceiling of the hidden room, landing in General White's room once more. Gokū extends the Nyoibō through the hole he made in the ground, and No. 8 climbs up into the room with it. General White takes advantage of Gokū turning his back, and fires his pistol at the boy; however, no damage is dealt. White is shocked, asking if the bullets even made contact. Gokū says they did, and then angrily demands that White return the village chief.

Chapter 66

"The End of Muscle Tower!!" (マッスルタワーの最後!!, Massuru Tawā no Saigo!!; Viz "Muscle Tower's Final Hour")

After Gokū demands that General White release the Village Chief, the general decides to take the young boy on one-on-one, only to be quickly embarrassed by Gokū. As the general feigns surrendering, and revealing the Village Chief in the process, White threatens to kill the chief by pointing a gun to his head, stunning Gokū and Android No. 8. While the chief pleads to Gokū to defeat White and restore peace to the village regardless of his life being on the line, Gokū decides to listen to the chief, much to the chief's bewilderment and disappointment.

White then shoots at and knocks out Gokū after threatening the boy to turn his back, angering No. 8 and finally giving the android the incentive to retaliate. After No. 8 knocks out the general, he then picks up a recovering Gokū and escorts he and the village chief out of Muscle Tower.

Chapter 67

"To the West…" (西へ…, Nishi e…; Viz "Go West, Young Gokū…")

At the young girl's residence, as Gokū's huge appetite amazes the girl, the young boy receives gratitude from the Village Chief and the girl's father. As they wonder of the Dragon Balls's whereabouts, Android No. 8 reveals he has it, and explains he came across the two-star Dragon Ball and hid it from General White, due to the general's malevolence.

The village chief then praises the android, and requests that No. 8 reside at his house, much to the android's tearful felicity after initial hesitance. The android then asks Gokū to come with him, but the young boy denies in order to pursue his quest in finding his grandfather's four-star Dragon Ball. The young girl's mother then asks Gokū to stay overnight before the village chief departs.

Before sleeping, Gokū shows No. 8 and the young girl his Dragon Radar, which ends up becoming broken and unable to be fixed. Gokū then resolves to visit Bulma to get the radar fixed before falling asleep. The next morning, before Gokū leaves, the young boy reveals his intentions to walk to the west city due to his Kintoun being damaged. It is then that Gokū learns that his Kintoun still exists, much to the boy's excitement. After Gokū and his Kintoun reunite, the young boy says his goodbyes to the villagers and flies off to the west.

Chapter 68

"Bulma's House in Western Capital" (西の都のブルマんち, Nishi no Miyako no Buruma n chi; Viz "Monkey in the City")

Gokū eventually arrives at Western Capital, and gains a first-hand experience in city life. Later on, he meets with a boxer that offers 100,000 zeni to the one that defeats him in a sparring match, and Gokū dominates him in the match, much to the surprise of the nearby spectators and the boxer himself. After Gokū showcases his strength by leveling a wall, the boxer gives in and leaves Gokū with money he doesn't know what to do with.

Subsequently, two men then attempt to rob Gokū, but the young boy headbutts one of the robbers into a wall, intimidating the other robber into informing Gokū of seeking the police's help in order to find Bulma's house. After Gokū gives his money to a woman that directs him to the police, Gokū eventually gets a police escort to Bulma's house, and yells Bulma's name.

Chapter 69

"Bulma and Gokū, Part 2" (ブルマと悟空パートツー, Buruma to Gokū Pāto Tsū; Viz "Bulma and Gokū")

After Gokū gets no response after calling out for Bulma, it is revealed that the young woman is currently at school. Following a brief conversation with the police officer, Bulma arrives, much to both the young woman and Gokū's surprise and excitement. After Gokū asks Bulma to fix the Dragon Radar, the police officer asks for her assistance in fixing his scooter, which she accepts.

Subsequently, Bulma reveals she's ditching school and leads the police officer and Gokū to her house's indoor garden, much to Gokū and the officer's wonderment. She then encounters her father, Dr. Brief, who initially mistakes the police officer as Gokū. Brief then asks his daughter if she and Gokū have an intimate relationship, drawing Bulma's ire.

Meanwhile, at the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters, Commander Red and his assistant learn of Gokū's identity as the one who took out Generals Silver and White, leading the commander to order Gokū's elimination. While this is occurring, Bulma successfully fixes the Dragon Radar, offers to join Gokū on his quest to escape the boredom of her regular life, much to Gokū's initial hesitance. This leads her to reveal a microband on her wrist that shrinks the wearer, allowing Bulma to ride with Gokū on his Kintoun. She is then accidentally stepped on by her mother, which forces Bulma to revert from her shrunk state and yell at her mother.

After further arguments with her mother, Bulma then takes a capsule from her father's desk, heads outside, shrinks herself and heads off with Gokū to find more Dragon Balls. While this is happening, the police officer is stunned at the speed of his scooter after being fixed, and Dr. Brief realizes that his daughter took the wrong capsule.

Chapter 70

"Bulma's Big Blunder!!" (ブルマの大失敗!! "Buruma no Daishippai!!)

As Gokū and Bulma ride the Kintoun to the next Dragon Ball, unbeknownst to them, the Red Ribbon Army is tracking their movements, with Commander Red amazed at the speed at which Gokū is traveling. Red then notifies General Blue of Gokū's impending arrival. Bulma is eventually able to track the Dragon Ball's location, and she and Gokū land on an island.

She then finds that the Dragon Ball is likely to be underwater. As this leads Gokū offer to swim underwater, Bulma claims she as a submarine capsule, only to be shocked that she unintentionally took her father's capsule case. She then opens her father's capsule to realize that it is filled with dirty magazines, leading her to rip them in shreds out of exasperation.

Gokū then resolves to swim underwater, but cannot find the Dragon Ball. Whilst the boy quits and wonders of Bulma's whereabouts, she is chased down and shot at by the Red Ribbon Army, leading Gokū to take out both pursuers. The young boy then reveals to Bulma that he thinks Kame-Sennin has a capsule that can send them underwater and that they should head to the Kame House, much to Bulma's annoyance.

Chapter 71

"Kame House Discovered!!" (KAME HOUSE 発見さる!!, Kame Hausu Hakken Saru!!; Viz "The Turtle is Spotted!"; Literally meaning "The Turtle House Discovered!!")

Gokū and Bulma eventually arrive at the Kame House and meet Umigame. He then calls out to Kame-Sennin and the turtle hermit asks if Gokū had found his grandfather's Dragon Ball, to which Gokū replies he is yet to find it. The young boy then gets Bulma to revert from her shrunken state, surprising Kame-Sennin and leading Bulma to explain the device that allows her to alter her size. After being pestered by Gokū, she then asks if they can use the turtle hermit's submarine, to which Kame-Sennin accepts in return for the shrinking device and reveals that Kulilin and Lunch used the submarine capsule to go shopping.

Meanwhile, at the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters, while Gokū's movements confuse Commander Red, his assistant hypothesizes that the young boy must be working with a genius scientist, as there was no way that someone with Gokū's intellectual level could build such an advanced radar that can track Dragon Balls with ease. After Red contacts Blue, and as Kame-Sennin, Gokū and Bulma wait for Kulilin and Lunch to arrive back, Bulma decides to use the bathroom. The turtle hermit then uses the shrinking device for yet another perverted attempt to see Bulma undressed.

Much to the turtle hermit's disappointment, Bulma is done using the bathroom, and as she flushes the toilet, the shrunken Kame-Sennin falls inside, and then emerges out of a nearby sewer in frustration. Kulilin and Lunch return, and the former asks of Gokū's purpose of being at the island. While Blue is looking for the Kame House, Kulilin reveals that there is some pirates' treasure underwater and proposes to go with Gokū and Bulma. As they depart, the Red Ribbon Army tracks down where they came from and finds the Kame House, and Blue hypothesizes that Kame-Sennin, or the "old man" he hears of, is the scientist Gokū is working with.

Chapter 72

"General Blue Commences His Assault" (ブルー将軍攻撃開始, Burū Shōgun Kōgeki Kaishi; Viz "The Blue Meanies")

As Gokū, Bulma and Kulilin dive underwater, General Blue spots them and receives intel that the Dragon Balls that Gokū had were left at the Kame House. While Blue decides to launch his assault on the Kame House, Bulma is able to detect the Dragon Ball's location in an underwater cavern, and figures out a way to enter the cave. Whilst Blue's air fleet prepare to attack the Kame House, the general is tailing the Dragon Team in his own submarine, and assaults them before they enter the cavern. Bulma and Kulilin are later shocked and intimidated that Gokū has drawn the attention of the dangerous Red Ribbon Army, and retreat to the cave for cover. As Blue follows the Dragon Team into the cave, the Army prepares to capture Kame-Sennin and the rest of the inhabitants on his island.


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