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Pursuit!! General Blue
Kanji 追跡!!ブルー将軍
Rōmaji Tsuiseki!! Burū Shōgun
Viz General Blue and the Pirate Treasure
Volume Info
Previous Volume 6
Next Volume 8
Japanese May 8, 1987[1]
English March 2003[2]
Japanese ISBN 978-4-08-851837-4
English ISBN 978-1-56931-926-0
Character debut(s)
Technique debut(s)
None in this volume
Tool debut(s)
None in this volume

Pursuit!! General Blue (追跡!!ブルー将軍, Tsuiseki!! Burū Shōgun; Viz "General Blue and the Pirate Treasure") is the seventh volume of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter 73

"General Blue's Miscalculation" (ブルー将軍の誤算, Burū Shōgun no Gosan; Viz "The Wrong Turtle to Mess With")

As the Red Ribbon Army surrounds Kame-Sennin's island, the turtle hermit is accused of being the scientist behind the creation of the Dragon Radar. While one of the soldiers draws Lunch outside, the Red Ribbon Army attempts to force Kame-Sennin to reveal the location of the Dragon Balls. The turtle hermit then responds by retaliating, and dominates the members of the Army. However, Lunch is restrained and has a gun pointed to her head, forcing Kame-Sennin to cease any retaliation.

Subsequently, Umigame manages to get Lunch to sneeze, causing her to change to her aggressive side and overpower her oppressor. Whilst Kame-Sennin orders the remaining Red Ribbon Army soldier to retreat and take his defeated allies off his island, the submarine of the Dragon Team consisting of Gokū, Bulma and Kulilin are being chased by General Blue's submarine.

While Kulilin and Bulma try to escape, Gokū refuses to back down and resolves to stand his ground. Before Blue's men decide to try and ambush Gokū, Blue urges them not to attack unprepared, acknowledging the fact that Gokū was able to take out two of the Army's squads by himself, and that the group that was sent to get the Dragon Balls was bested by Kame-Sennin and Lunch. The general then decides to attack the Dragon Team alone.

Chapter 74

"The Pirates' Trap" (海賊たちの罠, Kaizokutachi no Wana)

While Gokū, Bulma and Kulilin travel through the cavern, Gokū encounters a switch that turns on the lights to brighten up the dark cave. As Bulma wonders why there are lights in the cavern to begin with, General Blue and his men also wonder what's happening, and the general hypothesizes that the cave may be a secret base.

Gokū then picks up a skull and manages to scare Bulma, which causes her to scream, giving up their location to Blue and his men, and causing Kulilin to reveal that the place has hidden treasure, which Blue's men also overhear. The Dragon Team then encounters a trap set by the ones that had previously been in the cave, leading Gokū and Kulilin to jump over the trap, leaving Bulma on the other end. While Blue thinks he's gained victory, Gokū uses his Nyoibō to get Bulma over to the other side of the trap unscathed.

Blue then orders his men to kill the three, but they are prevented by a trap that summons spears which subdue them. As the general finds his way around the trap, the Dragon Team encounters the Pirate Harbor.

Chapter 75

"Ambush in the Pirate Harbor" (海賊港の伏兵, Kaizoku Minato no Fukuhei; Viz "Robot in Waiting!")

As Gokū, Bulma and Kulilin enter the Pirate Harbor, unbeknownst to the three, General Blue is closely following behind. Just then, a robot appears and ambushes the three, leading Gokū and Kulilin to retaliate. Observing from afar, Blue realizes that the young boys can use martial arts. Gokū then tells Kulilin to retreat with Bulma to find the Dragon Ball while he handles the robot, and Blue secretly follows the two.

After a brief underwater struggle, Gokū emerges from the water, and uses his Nyoibō to aid him to land a devastating aerial attack on the robot, destroying it entirely. As Gokū chases after Bulma and Kulilin, the two use the Dragon Radar to track the Dragon Ball, and Kulilin draws an arrow on the ground to assist Gokū in finding them. Unbeknownst to them, Blue appears in order to alter the direction of the arrow to confuse Gokū, and the general pursues Kulilin and Bulma.

Chapter 76

"The Treasure is Discovered" (お宝発見, Otakara Hakken; Viz "The Treasure!")

After General Blue tricks Gokū into going in the wrong direction, he chases after Kulilin and Bulma, who reach a dead end and are forced to exit an opening in the ground and swim out of the crumbling hall. As Blue pursues them, Gokū also reaches a dead end and falls through a trap door and ends up having to face off against an octopus.

Meanwhile, Bulma and Kulilin encounter the treasure after emerging from the water, only to be confronted by Blue. After Blue rejects Bulma's advances, he prepares to face off against Kulilin. Gokū finishes off the octopus with a Kamehameha and hears Bulma and Kulilin's voices as General Blue steadily overpowers Kulilin in combat.

Chapter 77

"Blue's Shining Eyes" (光るブルーの眼, Hikaru Burū no Me; Viz "Bright Blue's Eyes")

After General Blue pushes Kulilin into a corner, the latter retaliates by effectively striking the former in the face, causing the former to emerge in anger due to a nose bleed. Blue then manages to paralyze Kulilin's movements with a gaze, and proceeds to knockout Kulilin as Gokū is on his way. Bulma, out of desperation, decides to try and seduce the general, but Blue rejects her yet again, causing Bulma to insinuate that Blue is homosexual and resolve to try and deceive the general by claiming she is a man.

Just before Blue attempts to stone Bulma to death, Gokū emerges and dominates the general in combat after finding out about Kulilin's defeat. Blue is then again forced to paralyze Gokū's movements with his special gaze, and slowly proceeds towards Gokū to attack the young boy.

Chapter 78

"The Great Escape!!" (大脱出!!, Daidasshutsu!!; Viz "The Great Escape")

As Gokū is unable to move, General Blue manages to land a dire blow on the young boy, forcing Gokū to the ground and unable to get up. Blue then uses a capsule to summon a rifle and threaten to shoot Gokū if Bulma does not reveal the location of the Dragon Ball. The young woman then reveals where the mystical ball is, much to Kulilin's frustration. Blue decides to kill Gokū anyway for interfering with the Red Ribbon Army's plans, but stops as the appearance of a rat scares the general. Gokū emerges from paralysis and uses his Jan Ken to knockout Blue.

Subsequently, Gokū tells Bulma and Kulilin to escape as he search for the Dragon Ball, which he successfully finds underwater. As Bulma and Kulilin find a submarine and wait for Gokū, the young boy emerges from the water and decides to escape the crumbling cavern with the rat that aided him in escaping death at the hands of General Blue, who wakes up and decides to take the treasure with him.

Chapter 79

"Get Out, Get Out!!" (逃げろや逃げろ!!, Nigero ya Nigero!!; Viz "Run, Run, Run!!")

After an impatient Bulma bickers with Kulilin on the subject of leaving Gokū in order to save their own lives, the young boy appears on time to enter the submarine and escape the crumbling harbor. As the cave is collapsing, the submarine untimely runs out of fuel, much to the distress of Kulilin and Bulma. Gokū, after handing Kulilin the rat that saved him from being killed by General Blue, uses a Kamehameha to propel the submarine out of the water and land he, Kulilin and Bulma onto his Kintoun, earning the praise of Bulma and Kulilin.

After Blue emerges from the water, Bulma reveals she managed to bring along a diamond from the treasure, as Gokū is disappointed that he received the three-star Dragon Ball rather than his grandfather's four-star Dragon Ball. Due to the encounter with the Red Ribbon Army, Bulma claims she will not to help Gokū in his quest to find the four-star Dragon Ball. As Kulilin and Bulma use one of the Red Ribbon Army's helicopters to fly back to the Kame House alongside Gokū and his Kintoun, and after Blue discovers the three are flying back, Bulma decides to give the diamond to Kame-Sennin through Kulilin for failing to return the submarine she borrowed from the Turtle Hermit. Unbeknownst to them once again, General Blue is following them to their location.

Chapter 80

"The Three Stolen Dragon Balls" (奪われた3個の龍球, Ubawareta Sanko no Doragon Bōru)

As Kame-Sennin happily accepts the diamond Bulma gives to him, he then inadvertently reveals his intentions to sell the jewel for enough money to use for his perverted desires, earning the distrust of Umigame. While the Turtle Hermit and Umigame bicker, Lunch, still in her aggressive form, points a gun at everyone else and demands the diamond. As she flies off on the Red Ribbon Army's helicopter, Kulilin explains to Bulma about Lunch's strange tendency to change personalities when she sneezes.

Afterwards, General Blue arrives on the island and manages to tie up and use his paralyzing glare in order to restrain the Dragon Team during their conversation and retrieve the Dragon Balls from inside the Kame House. He then sets a bomb on the island before leaving. While the Dragon Team struggles to free themselves from Blue's tough ropes, Lunch returns with her good personality and unties Gokū, who throws the bomb in the air before it explodes and pursues Blue with his Kintoun and Nyoibō.

Chapter 81

"Chased to Penguin Village!" (追ってペンギン村!, Otte Pengin Mura!)

The chapter begins with the quirky characters of the Penguin Village from Dr. Slump. As they all state their resolves and interact with each other, Arale and Gacchan Norimaki #1 and #2 notice Gokū flying on his Kintoun pursuing General Blue. As the Kintoun's speed frustrates Blue, the general then decides to slow down, drawing Gokū closer to him, and the activate the rocket engine in close proximity to Gokū in order to burn the boy and direct him off his Kintoun. While this succeeds, Blue ends up crashing into a nearby mountain, and Gokū, after briefly encountering Arale and Gacchan, pursues the barely-escaping general with his Kintoun once again, much to the admiration of the spectating Arale and Gacchan.

Chapter 82

"The Broken Dragon Radar" (こわれたドラゴンレーダー, Kowareta Doragon Reidā)

A frustrated General Blue discovers Gokū pursuing him still, and decides to retreat to the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters, acknowledging Gokū's strength and tenacity. As Gokū encounters the general's crashed helicopter and fails to find the Dragon Balls, the young boy is later shocked by Arale's sudden appearance, and acknowledges that her running speed is just as fast as his Kintoun. While Gokū continues to search for Blue, the general encounters Suppaman, who attempts to threaten Blue. The general responds by showcasing his strength to Suppaman, intimidating the "hero" into directing the general to Senbi Norimaki for capsules, and losing his car to Blue in the process.

Elsewhere, Gokū then realizes he has the Dragon Radar to aid him in finding the stolen Dragon Balls, only to be dismayed when the radar is once again broken. Arale then directs Gokū to a scientist that she thinks can fix the radar, and Gokū takes her and Gacchan on his Kintoun. As Gokū meets Senbe and his family, the young boy asks the scientist if he can fix his radar, which Senbe is unable to do, stunned at the fact that there is a girl than is more intelligent than him in terms of technology.

Chapter 83

"The Stolen Dragon Radar" (奪われたドラゴンレーダー, Ubawareta Doragon Reidā)

As Senbe attempts to fix Gokū's broken Dragon Radar, his son Turbo decides to secretly fix it without anyone noticing, and gives credit to his father, who is dumbfounded. While Gokū and the others are elated that the radar is fixed, General Blue arrives and paralyzes Gokū with his gaze again, and takes the boy's radar.

Before Blue leaves, he decides to kill Gokū once again, but is then dominated by Arale. After Gokū is amazed at the strength of Arale and her friends, he manages to retrieve the Dragon Balls, but cannot find the radar, and figures that Blue had it while being knocked away by Arale.

After Gokū is frustrated that he can no longer search for the Dragon Balls without the Dragon Radar, Turbo then surprises everyone by creating a new radar from parts of Blue's airplane, claiming he learned from observing his father tinker with the other radar. A now grateful Gokū calls upon his Kintoun in order to leave, but not before suggesting to Arale that she should join the Tenkaichi Budōkai with her impressive strength. While Gokū takes off, Blue informs the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters that he lost the Dragon Balls, but has the Dragon Radar.

Chapter 84

"Father and Son of the Karin Holy Land" (聖地カリンの親子, Seichi Karin no Oyako; Viz "The Karin Sanctuary")

As Gokū flies towards his next location, Commander Red and his assistant Lieutenant Black of the Red Ribbon Army determine that the young boy is headed towards Colonel Yellow's area. As Red is once again frustrated with his subordinates' inability to locate the Dragon Balls, a man and his son are ambushed by members of the Army. However, the man dominates the troops and forces them to retreat. Yellow then contacts Black, much to the anger of Red, leading the commander to resolve to send an assassin by the name of Taopaipai to retrieve the Dragon Ball if Yellow is unable to find it, much Black and Yellow's surprise.

The colonel then decides to capture the son, forcing the man to give up the Dragon Ball in his possession. Gokū then detects the Dragon Ball, and retrieves the son after beating down Yellow, forcing Red's hand and leading him to call Taopaipai.