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Son Gokū's Assault
Kanji 孫悟空突撃
Rōmaji Son Gokū Totsugeki
Viz Taopaipai and Master Karin
Volume Info
Previous Volume 7
Next Volume 9
Japanese July 10, 1987[1]
English May 2003[2]
Japanese ISBN 978-4-08-851838-1
English ISBN 978-1-56931-927-7
Character debut(s)
Technique debut(s)
Tool debut(s)
  • Battle Jacket

Son Gokū's Assault (孫悟空突撃, Son Gokū Totsugeki; Viz "Taopaipai and Master Karin") is the eighth volume of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter 85

"The Hitman "Taopaipai"" (殺し屋゛桃白白゛, Koroshiya "Taopaipai"; Viz "Taopaipai the Assassin"; Literally meaning "The Hitman 'Peach White White'")

As the man thanks Gokū for the latter saving the former's son Upa, Gokū rejoices after noticing the man holding his grandfather's memoir, the four-star Dragon Ball. As the man wonders the value of the mystical ball, General Blue finally arrives at the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters after brief confrontation with soldiers who initially did not recognize him.

Meanwhile, the famed assassin Taopaipai appears on Commander Red's call, demanding an enormous price for his services. Subsequently, Blue arrives at his commander's office, informing his superior of the current situation. Red then orders Blue's execution after the general fails to bring back the Dragon Balls despite being in possession of the Dragon Radar, but then retracts that order and makes Blue fight Taopaipai.

Taopaipai proceeds to knockout Blue with one hit, much to the surprise of Red and his assistant Lieutenant Black. The assassin then learns of Gokū's identity, and after Black shows the assassin a what a Dragon Ball looks like, Taopaipai heads towards Gokū's location in the Karin Holy Land. As the assassin is on his way, Upa's father informs Gokū of the Karin Tower and how those who reach the top gain exponential power from meeting the hermit and drinking his holy water.

Chapter 86

"Taopaipai's Surefire Dodonpa" (桃白白の必殺どどん波, Taopaipai no Hissatsu Dodonpa; Viz "The Devastating Dodon-Pa!!!"; Literally meaning "Peach White White's Surefire Boom Wave")

While Gokū shows interest in climbing all the way to the top of Karin Tower, Upa notices Taopaipai heading towards their direction. As the assassin arrives and makes his intentions to kill Gokū known, Upa's father offers to defend Gokū due the young boy saving his son, only to be quickly killed by the assassin. An angered Gokū decides to strike back, and is eventually pushed to use a Kamehameha wave on Taopaipai. However, much to Gokū's surprise, his attack was ineffective against the assassin, and Taopaipai retaliates by seemingly killing Gokū with his Dodonpa. As Upa is distressed, the assassin retrieves the Dragon Balls from Gokū's possession.

Chapter 87

"Karin Tower" (カリン塔, Karin Tō; Viz "The Great Climb")

As Taopaipai seemingly kills Gokū and retrieves the Dragon Balls, an angry Upa decides to throw a stone at the assassin, only for it to be reciprocated back and knock the child out. Taopaipai, much to the surprise of Commander Red who was detecting his movements, went to the city to attain new clothes in order to replace his damaged ones from his encounter with Gokū.

As the tailor tells the assassin that the new clothes should be done in a week, an unsatisfied Taopaipai threatens the tailor to do it in three days, and notifies Red he'll return in that period of time. A frustrated Red informs Taopaipai that he only detects three Dragon Balls in the assassin's possession rather than four, and Taopaipai tells him that he'll recover remaining ball before he returns.

After Upa buries his father, and attempts to do the same to Gokū, the young boy wakes up and it is revealed that the four star Dragon Ball Gokū carried protected him from dying at the hands of Taopaipai. As Gokū thinks that he was saved by his grandfather, Upa laments the loss of his father, leading Gokū to decide to gather all seven Dragon Balls once again in order to revive Upa's father.

While Upa is surprised at the possibility, he also tells Gokū that Taopaipai took away the Dragon Balls in his possession, much to the frustration of Gokū for meeting a foe with such unprecedented strength. Upa then suggests that Gokū climb to the top of the Karin Tower to drink the holy water and gain exponential strength. Through the night and into the next morning, Gokū eventually reaches the top of the tower.

Chapter 88

"Karin-sama of Karin Tower" (カリン塔のカリン様, Korin Tō no Karin-sama; Viz "Sage of the Karin Tower")

After reaching the top of the tower, Gokū searches for the Holy Water that is rumored to give him exponential strength. However, he hears a voice call out to him that directs him to the very top of the tower. It is revealed that the voice came from a feline with a staff, who praises the young boy for making it to the top of the tower. The feline then reveals himself as the hermit Gokū is looking for, and directs the boy to the super holy water.

The hermit then reads Gokū's heart and figures out his purpose in searching for the holy water, which shocks the boy. After the hermit determines that he does not have any ill intentions, he challenges the boy to obtain the holy water by having to go through him first and foremost. As Gokū struggles to keep up with the hermit, he reveals his hunger is holding him back, and the hermit simply feeds him a Senzu, which quickly relieves the boy of his hunger.

Confident, Gokū attempts to take the water again, but still cannot obtain it from the hermit. A tired Gokū asks if he is the first one to reach the top of the tower, but the hermit reveals that the first person to reach the tower and drink the holy water was the boy's master, Muten Rōshi, much to the young boy's surprise. After the hermit reveals his name as Karin, he also reveals it took Rōshi three years to take the water from him.

Chapter 89

"The Effects of the Super Holy Water" (超聖水の効能, Chōseisui no Kōnō"; Viz "A Drink of Water")

As Gokū is shocked that it took Muten Rōshi three years to obtain the Super Holy Water, the boy comments that he does not have that amount of time and becomes determined to take the water from Karin. The young boy then uses after images in an attempt to deceive Karin, but the hermit then counters the technique to land a hit on Gokū.

As Karin marvels at Gokū's prowess, he informs the young boy that everything he had done up to that point beginning from climbing the tower has trained his body. The hermit then obtains the boy's bag of Dragon Balls and throws it off the tower, causing Gokū to have to jump down to grab them and climb up the tower a second time. After an exasperated Gokū asks Karin why he would make him climb up the tower again, the hermit informs him that it took him almost one day to reach it the first time, but only three hours on the second trip, proving that Gokū's body had indeed been trained.

Gokū still finds himself unable to obtain the water as the sun sets and through the night, and Karin decides that he and Gokū should rest for the next day. Gokū later wakes up and is tempted to take the water while the hermit is asleep, but opts not to cheat. Unbeknownst to the boy, Karin was aware the entire time, and was surprised at the boy's honesty.

Into the next day, Gokū eventually obtains the water, taking him a total of three days to secure it. After the boy drinks the water, Karin reveals that it was no different from any other water, and claims the process of climbing the tower twice and stealing the pot of water from his possession was the entire training regimen, which elates Gokū. As the boy leaves, Karin hypothesizes that the young boy had already surpassed his master, Muten Rōshi.

Chapter 90

"Son Gokū's Counterattack" (孫悟空の逆襲, Son Gokū no Gyakushū; Viz "Son Gokū Strikes Back!")

While Upa wonders if Gokū made it to the top of the tower after three days pass, Taopaipai finally receives his new brand of clothes. As Taopaipai is determined to get the Dragon Ball he missed, the tailor asks for the fee payment. Rather than pay up, the assassin then asks if there is anyone the tailor wants to kill, which the tailor denies, leading Taopaipai to murder the tailor to escape payment.

The assassin once again arrives at the Karin Holy Land and confronts Upa, who wants revenge on Taopaipai for killing his father. The assassin simply dodges the child's attack and threatens him to reveal the location of the remaining Dragon Ball. After Upa refuses, Taopaipai resolves to kill him, but Gokū arrives right on time with his Kintoun to save the child. As Taopaipai is shocked that Gokū is alive, the young boy reveals that the Dragon Ball in his possession saved him from the assassin's Dodonpa.

After Gokū refuses Taopaipai's request to surrender his Dragon Ball, the assassin charges at the young boy, only to be knocked back by the boy's improved strength. As Upa watches Gokū in awe, the latter reveals to Taopaipai that he was training at the top of the Karin Tower for three days, drawing the assassin's interest before he attempts to attack Gokū once more.

Chapter 91

"A Grand Showdown in the Holy Land!!" (聖地の大決戦!!, Seichi no Daikessen!!; Viz "Battle in the Sanctuary!!")

As Upa cheers him on, Gokū proceeds to take on Taopaipai yet again, with the boy's improved prowess proving to be an issue for the assassin. Pushed to a corner, Taopaipai decides to use his Dodonpa to kill Gokū, but the young boy withstands the attack, shocking the assassin. Taopaipai then uses a capsule to summon a sword in order to combat Gokū, but Upa gives the boy his Nyoibō to counter the assassin. Gokū then proceeds to break the sword with his staff, leading the boy to inform the stunned Taopaipai that he intends to defeat the assassin barehanded.

Chapter 92

"The End of Taopaipai" (最後の桃白白, Saigo no Taopaipai; Viz "Taopaipai at the Brink"; Literally meaning "The End of Peach White White")

A pressured Taopaipai ridicules Gokū after the latter informs the former that he will beat the former barehanded. Gokū, determined to avenge Upa's father, engages in combat with the assassin again, letting Taopaipai land his attacks on him. A resilient Gokū reveals that he let the assassin hit him to read his movements and counter them, and Gokū proceeds to dominate Taopaipai.

Acknowledging to himself that he will be beaten, Taopaipai feigns asking for Gokū's forgiveness to trick the boy, throw a bomb at him, and jump into the air in order to escape the potential explosion's blast range. Gokū then kicks the bomb into the air, which explodes directly in front of the assassin and seemingly kills him, giving Gokū the victory and leading the young boy to promise an elated Upa that he will gather the Dragon Balls in order to revive the child's deceased father.

Chapter 93

"Son Gokū's Assault" (孫悟空突撃, Son Gokū Totsugeki; Viz "Gokū's Charge"")

After defeating Taopaipai, Gokū detects the Dragon Balls at the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters, and is determined to take them back despite Upa's concern. As the young boy calls upon his Kintoun, Lieutenant Black informs Commander Red that Lieutenant Violet has arrived with the sixth Dragon Ball. They soon detect more Dragon Balls heading their way, and Red assumes its Taopaipai, when in reality, it's Gokū.

A small surveillance bot begins following the young boy, and it is revealed that the flying machine was a contraption from Bulma, which earns the woman the praise of Kame-Sennin. As Bulma, Kame-Sennin and Lunch use the bot to track Gokū back at the Kame House, Lunch realizes that the boy is headed towards the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters. The bot then speeds past Gokū to the Army's base, with the boy acknowledging the speed of the bot to be greater than that of his Kintoun.

After the bot is shot down by the Army, Gokū begins his assault on the Army's base. While the Red Ribbon Army is shocked to learn that the Dragon Balls they've detected are due to Gokū and not Taopaipai, Bulma, Lunch, Kame-Sennin and Umigame attempt to find a way to help Gokū. Umigame then gives a frantic Bulma the idea to build a new phone to contact her father to get Yamcha, who rallies Pu'ar and Oolong to help Gokū combat the Red Ribbon Army.

Chapter 94

"Son Gokū's Charge!" (孫悟空快進撃!, Son Gokū Kaishingeki!; Viz "Attack From the Sky!")

As Gokū's arrival surprises Commander Red, Lieutenant Black figures out that the young boy's appearance confirms the death of Taopaipai. A frustrated Red sends his orders to stop Gokū at all costs, but the young boy barrels through the Red Ribbon Army's defenses. As Black suggests that Red retreat, the commander refuses and declares the Army to be invincible.

While Gokū pressures the Army, the rest of the Dragon Team set off to aid Gokū. After Yamcha, Umigame, Bulma and Oolong bicker over the point of bringing everyone along, Yamcha asks of Kulilin's whereabouts and resolves to bring him on the ride as well. As Red and Black are stressed over Gokū's strength, the Dragon Team manages to get Kulilin and head to the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters. Gokū continues to charge through the base, getting closer and closer to the top.

Chapter 95

"Commander Red Dies!" (レッド総帥死す!, Reddo Sōsui Shisu!; Viz "The Fall of Commander Red")

Whilst Gokū dominates the soldiers of the Red Ribbon Army, Lieutenant Black once again suggests the notion of retreating to a shellshocked Commander Red, who again refutes the idea and is determined to maintain the Dragon Balls. Red then reveals his desire to use the mystical spheres to grow in height, which causes Black to lose respect for Red, as the lieutenant was under the perception that the Dragon Balls were going to be used to help the Army conquer the world.

A heated argument between Red and Black ends with the lieutenant killing his commander, and Black resolves to be the new commander of the Red Ribbon Army and take over the world. Gokū eventually reaches the top and encounters Black, who offers the young boy a chance at ruling the world alongside him, which Gokū refuses. Black then attempts to combat Gokū, but is embarrassed by the young boy, forcing the lieutenant to use a capsule and summon a giant robot. As Black manages to hit Gokū, the Dragon Team is on its way to the base.

Chapter 96

"A Great Victory!!" (大勝利!!, Daishōri!!; Viz "The Triumph!")

Lieutenant Black's Battle Jacket proves to be an issue for Gokū, managing to knock the young boy from out of the edifice. After Black thinks he has killed Gokū after firing a beam, the young boy is able to surprise the lieutenant and inflict further damage on Black and his robot armor. Pushed to a corner with seemingly no options left, Black resolves to fire a missile and take out the entire base, but Gokū redirects the missile to make contact with a mountain with a recoiling kick, forcing the lieutenant to retreat. Gokū, determined not to let Black escape, damages the lieutenant's robot armor and causes it to explode on Black, killing the lieutenant. As Gokū secures six Dragon Balls in his possession, the Dragon Team is able to spot the boy.