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When Worried, See Uranai Baba
Kanji こまったときの占いババ
Rōmaji Komatta Toki no Uranai Baba
Literal English When Worried, See Fortuneteller Baba
Viz Test of the All-Seeing Crone
Volume Info
Previous Volume 8
Next Volume 10
Japanese September 10, 1987[1]
English May 2003[2]
Japanese ISBN 978-4-08-851839-8
English ISBN 978-1-56931-928-4
Character debut(s)
Technique debut(s)
Tool debut(s)
None in this volume

When Worried, See Uranai Baba (こまったときの占いババ, Komatta Toki no Uranai Baba; Viz "Test of the All-Seeing Crone"; Literally meaning "When Worried, See Fortuneteller Baba") is the ninth volume of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter 97

"The Last Dragon Ball" (最後の龍球, Saigo no Doragon Bōru; Viz "The Lost Dragon Ball")

After Gokū takes down the Red Ribbon Army unassisted, he finds that he cannot detect the last Dragon Ball with the Dragon Radar. Elsewhere, the Dragon Team arrives and bickers over the plan to assist Gokū. However, they panic once they spot an object in the air moving towards them, only to notice that it's Gokū on his Kintoun. As he reunites with the rest of the team, they are shellshocked to realize that Gokū singlehandedly defeated the Red Ribbon Army and obtained six Dragon Balls in the process.

Gokū reveals that he climbed Karin Tower and drink the Super Holy Water, much to Kame-Sennin's astonishment. The young boy then asks Bulma to fix the radar, and reveals that he promised a person that he would use the seven Dragon Balls to resurrect the person's father who was killed by one of the members of the Army.

As everyone heads back to the Kame House, the Dragon Team marvels at Gokū's ever-growing strength, and some intend to join Gokū on his quest to find the last Dragon Ball. Back at the house, Bulma is perplexed at the fact that the radar is not broken, but cannot detect the last Dragon Ball. Bulma hypothesizes that the last mystical ball was swallowed by an underwater creature, and cannot be detected due to the electromagnetic waves of the ball possibly being surrounded by a living being.

While hope seems lost, Kame-Sennin mentions that a fortuneteller by the name of Uranai Baba will be able to track the last ball. They soon locate Uranai Baba's palace on a map, and Gokū, Yamcha and Kulilin set off, with Kame-Sennin confident that Gokū's strength will get the fortuneteller to cooperate.

Chapter 98

"Uranai Baba" (占いババ, Uranai Baba; Viz "The All-Seeing Crone"; Literally meaning "Fortuneteller Baba")

As Gokū, Kulilin, Yamcha and Pu’ar head toward Uranai Baba's palace, Yamcha and Kulilin note that Gokū does not smell pleasant and must receive a change in clothes from his battle with the Red Ribbon Army. After stopping at a town and gaining new clothes, Gokū resolves to bring Upa along for the trip. After a brief reunion, the two head back and Gokū introduces Upa to Yamcha, Kulilin and Pu’ar.

Later on, they all arrive at Uranai Baba's palace, and are instructed by a ghost-like figure to wait in line. Yamcha then notices that the majority of people in line are quite muscular, and end up injured after entering the palace. As the team wonders what happened to that group of people, they enter in the palace and meet Uranai Baba. Gokū informs the fortuneteller that he needs her to find something for him, and she responds by demanding 10 million zeni, which is a request the team cannot fulfill. Baba then challenges the team to face off against her fighters, and if Gokū and his friends win, she guarantees a free fortune, much to the relief and confidence of the Dragon Team.

Chapter 99

"The Five Warriors" (5人の戦士, Gonin no Senshi; Viz "The Five Champions")

After hearing Uranai Baba's conditions, Gokū, Kulilin and Yamcha are the ones that end up having to face off against Baba's five warriors. Kulilin offers to go first, and has to fight against Dracula Man. Kulilin and Dracula Man then charge towards each other, but the latter transforms into a bat and flies around in circles in order to confuse Kulilin. Dracula Man then reverts and manages to bite Kulilin on his head and suck his blood.

Kulilin is able to knock the vampire, but the loss of blood distracts Kulilin, and he is knocked out by Dracula Man. Next up to face the vampire are Pu’ar and Upa, who initially did not want to participate in the tournament. Upa then exposes his garlic breath to weaken the vampire, and Dracula Man resolves to suck blood once more, but Pu’ar counters this by shapeshifting into a spiky echidna. Upa then raises his arms to resemble a cross, acknowledging that vampires hate crosses above all else. This causes Dracula Man turn into a bat again and attempt to retreat from the ring, leading Pu’ar to finish the vampire off by transforming into a big glove and slapping Dracula Man in his bat form out of the ring, giving the Dragon Team the victory.

Chapter 100

"A Great Bloody Battle" (大流血戦, Dairyūketsusen; Viz "Battle of the Bleeders")

After defeating Dracula Man, there are four of Uranai Baba's fighters left, and Yamcha offers to go up next. He ends up having to face off against a foe that cannot be seen, and Yamcha is dominated by the invisible fighter. After seeing Yamcha struggle, Kulilin pleads to Gokū to bring over Muten Rōshi and Bulma, and the boy flies off on his Kintoun.

Yamcha finally becomes able to sense the invisible fighter's presence, but Baba decides to distract the former bandit by singing, leading Yamcha to be pushed into a corner. Subsequently, Gokū arrives with Rōshi and Bulma, and Kulilin informs the confused two that he would like for them to observe the battle. Kulilin, after getting the turtle hermit to look up while watching the battle, turns Bulma around and manages to undress her and reveal her naked chest, causing Rōshi's nose to excessively bleed. The blood then lands on the invisible man and gives Yamcha the opportunity to finally see his opponent and knock him back with his Wolf Fang Wind Style Fist, forcing the foe to give in, handing the Dragon Team victory once again.

Bulma becomes enraged at Kulilin for using her nakedness as a tool for battle, and Rōshi chastises his disciple for making him lose so much blood, but then secretly tell Kulilin that he'll thank him later. Uranai Baba, still confident, informs the team that the last three opponents are much tougher than the previous two.

Chapter 101

"The Devil's Toilet" (悪魔の便所, Akuma no Benjo; Viz "The Devil's Cesspool")

After Yamcha notices Bulma and Kame-Sennin's presence, Bulma wonders why a fighting tournament is necessary to gain information from Uranai Baba about the location of the last Dragon Ball, leading Kulilin to explain that since they do not have nearly enough money to satisfy Uranai Baba's conditions, she offered to give a free fortune if her fighters are defeated in combat. This leads Kame-Sennin to reveal Uranai Baba as his sister while commenting on her greed, surprising everyone else.

As Bulma meets Upa, Uranai Baba leads everyone to the Devil's Toilet to continue the tournament, revealing that if one falls out of bounds, he or she will land in poison and be melted. Baba then introduces the next fighter, who is revealed to be a living mummy. Due to the mummy's big appearance, Yamcha hypothesizes that his foe relies on brute strength and the best way to defeat Mummy-kun would be to outmaneuver him with speed. However, the plan is ineffective as Yamcha and Kame-Sennin are stunned at Mummy-kun's speed despite his size, leading Yamcha to be dominated in combat and on the verge of falling to his doom.

Chapter 102

"Son Gokū Steps Up" (孫悟空見参, Son Gokū Kenzan; Viz "Gokū at the Plate!")

As Yamcha is pushed into a corner by Mummy-kun, the former resolves to use his Wolf Fang Wind Style Fist in order to inflict damage on the mummy. However, Yamcha still cannot land a hit on the agile foe, and is pinned down. The former bandit then manages to knock the mummy off of the platform, but Mummy-kun simply uses his bandages to propel himself to back to the platform and avoid his potential doom. The mummy then overwhelms Yamcha, forcing him to surrender and earn criticism from Bulma. Despite the concerns of everyone else, Gokū then offers to face off against Mummy-kun, who notices that the young boy has no openings as the match commences.

Chapter 103

"Son Gokū The Mighty!!" (孫悟空強し!!, Son Gokū Tsuyoshi!!; Viz "The Power of Gokū")

As Mummy-kun is wary of Gokū, Uranai Baba orders the former to attack the latter. The young boy takes the mummy's hits head on, and manages to get back up unscathed, much to the surprise of everyone. Gokū then proceeds to knock the mummy out in one hit, further shocking everyone and giving the boy the victory. As the rest of the Dragon Team once again marvel at Gokū's vastly improved prowess, the young boy requests of the next fighter, which ends up being a demon named Ackman. The demon then flies in the air and attempts to assault Gokū, but the young boy dodges and kicks the demon, once again amazing everyone spectating the match with his speed.

Chapter 104

"The Akumaito Beam" (アクマイト光線, Akumaitokōsen; Viz "The Beam of Evil"; Literally meaning "The Devilmite Beam")

Gokū tells Ackman that he does not look like a formidable opponent in his eyes, offending the demon. Ackman then charges at the young boy on Uranai Baba's orders, but is quickly outclassed by Gokū. Kulilin then comments on how the demon does not look to be intimidating, but Kame-Sennin informs him that the demon had won the Tenkaichi Budōkai twice. As Baba chastises Ackman, the demon informs both her and Gokū that he intends to use his true power.

Ackman proceeds to use his Akumaito Beam, which amplifies the evil in one's heart and causes the opponent to implode. Kame-Sennin and Baba both acknowledge that the demon was going too far in attempting to kill Gokū. However, the young boy is unaffected by the technique, revealing that Gokū possess a heart that contains no evil, much to the relief of the Dragon Team. Frustrated, Ackman summons a pitchfork and attacks the young boy, leading Gokū to kick the demon with an undetectable speed, winning the match and stunning both Kame-Sennin and Baba.

Chapter 105

"The Fifth Man" (5人目の男, Gonin Me no Otoko; Viz "The Last Champion")

Everyone is amazed as Gokū manages to win yet another battle. Uranai Baba, still confident, mentions that the last fighter is her toughest one. She calls the last fighter up, who ends up being a masked man. The masked man requests to Baba that the fight be outside due to the cramped up space in the Devil's Toilet. As Gokū and the rest of the Dragon Team make their way outside, the young boy comments on how the last fighter as a "happy smell." Kame-Sennin also notices something familiar about the fifth fighter as well.

Before the match begins, Baba is confident that Gokū will lose the battle, and Kame-Sennin anticipates an incredible match. After the young boy senses that the fifth fighter has a different intensity than the previous fighters, Gokū and the masked man charge towards each other, exchanging blows and leaving the spectating Dragon Team beyond impressed.

Chapter 106

"Mutually Strong Opponents" (強敵同士, Kyōteki Dōshi; Viz "Strong vs. Strong")

The Dragon Team watches in awe as the fight between Gokū and the masked man rages on. Gokū continues to exhibit his impressive durability, leading the masked man to surprise everyone by performing a Kamehameha. However, Gokū manages to dodge it, much to the astonishment of the masked man and Uranai Baba. From observing the battle, Rōshi begins to deduce the identity of the man behind the mask.

Chapter 107

"The Tail of Gokū" (悟空のシッポ, Gokū no Shippo; Viz "To Win by a Tail")

As the masked man is impressed that Gokū managed to dodge his attack, he sees an opening to overtake the young boy as Gokū is in the air and cannot move freely. However, Gokū counters this by firing a Kamehameha of his own while falling down, which a stunned masked man manages to escape. As Gokū pins down the masked man, the man reveals that he is holding Gokū's tail, causing the young boy to lose power.

Yamcha and Puar reveal to the rest of the Dragon Team that Gokū's tail is his weak point, surprising even Kame-Sennin. As Uranai Baba and the masked man are confident they have the victory, Kame-Sennin informs the team that the masked man knew of Gokū's weakness the entirety of the battle, much to their surprise. Elsewhere, using a satellite to watch the battle, Emperor Pilaf and his subordinates, and are elated to discover Gokū's weakness. The emperor the reveals that he has the last Dragon Ball hidden in a case so that the Dragon Team's Dragon Radar cannot detect it.

As Pilaf and his crew set off to attempt to steal the other six Dragon Balls, the masked man is exploiting Gokū's weakness and using it against the boy to dominate him in combat. As Gokū refuses to give in, Bulma asks how did the masked man know of Gokū's weakness, leading Kame-Sennin to reveal the man behind the mask to be the young boy's deceased grandfather, Son Gohan, much to the team's shock. Eventually, after torturing Gokū, Gohan unintentionally tears off the young boy's tail.

Chapter 108

"Son Gohan" (孫悟飯, Son Gohan)

As Gokū writhes in pain from Gohan tearing his tail off, Kame-Sennin comments on the fact that the young boy's weak spot is gone while the rest of the Dragon Team is stunned at the sight of Gokū's dead grandfather. An angry Gokū prepares to attack Gohan, unbeknownst to the young boy that he is the masked man, leading Gokū's grandfather to give in.

As Gokū attains the victory, Gohan commends his grandson for his greatly improved strength, and comments on how Gokū had neglected to address his weakness. This leads Gokū to realize that he fought his own grandfather, who takes off his mask. After Gokū tearfully and happily embraces his grandfather, he asks if Kame-Sennin had been training him, which Gokū confirms, leading his grandfather to humbly address his former master.

Gokū is under the perception that his grandfather is alive once again, and can therefore live with him again, but Gohan corrects him by informing Gokū and everyone else that Uranai Baba is capable of moving between the world of the living and the Afterworld and that he is still dead, but can dwell on Earth for one day. Bulma asks if Gohan meeting Gokū was a mere coincidence, but Kame-Sennin notifies her that his sister Uranai Baba knew the Dragon Team would be on their way, leading Baba to further explain that Gohan requested her to tell him when a boy with a tail appeared.

As Gohan is at ease for knowing that Gokū trained under his former master Kame-Sennin, Gohan, behind his grandson's back, asks the turtle hermit if Gokū had been transforming into a monkey lately, but Kame-Sennin reassures him that everything is fine since the hermit destroyed the moon. Gokū then shows his grandfather the four star Dragon Ball he left for Gokū, and Gohan wonders why there were more like it after observing Gokū having five more.

After Gohan is told of Gokū's adventures up until that point, Kulilin is confident that Upa will have his father be revived once again with the Dragon Balls. As Gohan departs back to the Afterworld, Uranai Baba keeps good on her word and shows the Dragon Team the location of the seventh and final Dragon Ball, which is revealed to be in a car.