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West Capital Super
Western Capital
Kanji 西の都
Rōmaji Nishi no Miyako
Literal English Western Capital City
English TV West City
Other Metro West
Societal information
Police Western Capital Police Force
Currency Ƶ

The Western Capital (西の都, Nishi no Miyako; FUNimation "West City", Viz "West Capital") is one of the major cities on Earth, located along the western coast of its main continent. It's notable in the series as the hometown of Bulma and the headquarters of Capsule Corporation.


Gokū first came to Western Capital when he came looking for Bulma, being able to track her down with the help of a police officer.


Nearby Locations

Alternate Timeline

In the alternate timeline where Gokū died of the heart disease, Western Capital was destroyed by Androids No. 17 and No. 18. For reasons unknown, Bulma and her son survived, and lived in the ruins of Western Capital as a means to camouflage themselves from the androids.

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