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Wolf Fang Wind Style Fist[1][2][3]
狼牙風風拳 Rōgafūfūken
Literal English Fist of the Wolf Fang Gale
English TV Wolf Fang Fist
Games Puppy Dog Punch[4]
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume 1, Chapter 8
Anime Debut DB005
Movie Debut Movie 1
OVA Debut OVA 2
Game Debut Dragon Ball Z: Budokai
Type Physical Martial Arts Technique
Sub-Type Combination type
Class Offensive
Range Close range
Derived technique(s)

The Wolf Fang Wind Style Fist is a physical skill invented and used by Yamcha, and is Yamcha's signature technique.


While described as a technique, the Rōgafūfūken is technically a style of kenpō, invented by Yamcha during his time as an infamous bandit. Utilizing this fighting style causes Yamcha to fight with the characteristics of a wolf trying to bite its opponent to death with sharp fangs. Using this method of mimicry, Yamcha uses high-speed strikes consisting of a multitude of punches and kicks, focusing on attacks which stress speed over everything. When the opponent is caught off guard, Yamcha typically ends with a finishing move consisting of a powerful, two-handed blow.[3] The Rōgafūfūken was powerful enough to defeat a young Son Gokū, albeit the Saiyan was hungry at the time.[5]


  • As Yamcha stopped using the Rōgafūfūken in the second half of the Dragon Ball manga, as well as the Dragon Ball Z anime, Gotenks' use of the technique against Aca makes it the first time the Rōgafūfūken was used in Dragon Ball Z-related media.
  • In episode 70, Yamcha uses a baseball variation of this technique, the Wolf Fang Wind Style Pitching Fistball, which would make it the first time Yamcha uses it on Dragon Ball Super-related media.


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