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Kanji ヤードラット星人
Rōmaji Yādoratto seijin
Additional Information
Universe 7th Universe Symbol 7th Universe
2nd Universe Symbol 2nd Universe
Planet of Origin Yardrat
Unique Traits Peculiar abilities
Notable Members

The Yardratian (ヤードラット星人, Yādoratto seijin; FUNimation "Yadrats") are a race that exist within the North Galaxies of the 7th Universe . They are also find, near-identically, in the 2nd Universe.


Are a species of aliens that assisted Son Gokū after his escape from Namekku. Gokū in the anime was said to have been nursed back to health after having defeated Freeza. Although not much was known about these extraterrestrials, Gokū did note that they were a species of alien that possessed many peculiar abilities, learning how to teleport from them. The Ginew Special Corps were scheduled to attack Yardrat, but was put on hold because they were called in by Freeza to assist them on planet Namekku.[2][3] They are, however, seen as a weaker race without strength, however, they use 'strange techniques', according to Vegeta.


  • In the FUNimation dub, Yardratians are said to have appetites to rival a Saiyan.
  • In the english localization Vegeta notes that Yardratans were in the middle of conquering the planet, however according to the source books and the japanese manga it was specifically stated that the Ginyu Special Squadron were scheduled to annex the planet.


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