Zamasu (ザマス; Viz "Zamas") could refer to a variety of incarnations that the singular rogue Shinling took throughout his life:

  • Gokū Black - A Shinling masquerading as Son Gokū after having stolen the Saiyan's body through the use of the Super Dragon Balls.
  • Zamasu (Present) — A Shinling training as a Kaiōshin apprentice in the main timeline.
  • Zamasu (Future) — A Shinling acting as a Kaiōshin in the Trunks' future.
  • Zamasu (Merged) — The result of two timeline versions of Zamasu from the future and the alternative present timeline using the Potara earrings to combine into a single entity.
  • Zamasu (Infinite) — The will of the merged Zamasu after losing his physical body.
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