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Future Zen'ō
Alternative Name(s) Future Zen'ō (らいぜんおう, Mirai no Zen'ō; Literally meaning "Future King of Everything")
Zen-chan (全ちゃん; English TV "Zenny")
Voice Actors
English Sarah Wiedenheft
Japanese Satomi Kōrogi
Professional Status
Occupation(s) King of the Twelve Universes
Counterpart(s) Zen'ō (Main Timeline)
Headquarters Zen'ō's Palace
First Appearance
Anime Debut DBS067
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The Zen'ō (ぜんおう; Literally meaning "King of Everything") is the futuristic counterpart of the King of the Twelve Universes.


As the future counterpart to the present Zen'ō, the Zen'ō once eliminated six of the original eighteen universes.


The Zen'ō of the future shares mostly if not all of the personality traits of his present counterpart.

Although one thing that separates him from the present Zen'o is when he first appeared - he was shown to be serious and immediately takes action to erase Inifinite Zamasu and the rest of the future multiverse. He also found Zamasu's laughter "annoying".

Much like his present contemporary, the Zen'ō sees Universes that do not improve as not worth keeping, and agreed, alongside the present Zen'ō, to destroy the eight Universes which did not show improvement.[1]



The Zen'ō.

The Zen'ō is a tiny being with an egg-shaped head, two ear-like nodules on either side, and blue-and-purple striped skin. His clothing includes the two kanji characters for "everything"/"all" (全, zen), appears vertically mirrored.



The Zen'ō prepares to destroy the entire universe.

The Zen'ō can be assumed to have a similar power level to that of his main timeline counterpart. It´s shown that the Zen'ō can perform a devastating technique that can erase the entire 7th Universe of the future from existence.[2]

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  • Despite being identical, the two Zen'ō possess ways to distinguish themselves. The future Zen'ō's voice is higher pitched than the present Zen'ō, and he always sits on the left side of the present Zen'ō. Additionally, he raises his right hand before switching to his left.


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