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100 million Zeni in bills.

Zeni (ゼニー, Zenī; English TV "Zenie"; Symbol: Ƶ) is one of the currencies of Earth, and the main currency featured in the Dragon Ball series. Unlike the yen , which seems to be only used around the Eastern Capital of Earth, Zeni appears to be the standard, worldwide currency that is accepted nearly everywhere. Zeni are primarily given out as the prize money from the Tenka-Ichi Budōkai. Prior to the start of the series, the Zeni was worth 1.5 less than the yen.[1] By the time the series began, however, the yen had decreased in value, making the two currencies roughly equivalent.[2]

In Other Media


Zeni coins in Buu's Fury.

In nearly all Dragon Ball video games, Zeni are the form of currency utilized to purchase items. In Dragon Ball Z Buu's Fury, Zeni, no matter the amount, are represented by coins that enemies drop. The coins are in varying sizes from small to large, and colored both silver and gold. 


  • In Chapter 31 of Dragon Ball Super, No. 18 mistakenly says "Yen" in the translation of the chapter, rather than Zeni. This is in spite of Zeni being used in that same chapter to refer to the money she was speaking of.


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