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Epithet Zunō the Wise (賢者ズノー, Kenja Zunō; Viz "Zuno the Wise")[1]
English Localized Name(s) VIZ Zuno
Personal Data
Universe 7th Universe Symbol 7th Universe
Gender Male Icon Male
Voice Actors
English Daniel Penz
Japanese Keiichi Sonobe
Professional Status
Partner(s) Zunō's Aides
Headquarters Zunō's Planet
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter #7 (Super)
Anime Debut DBS031
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Zunō (ズノー; Viz "Zuno") is an extraterrestrial who is reputed to have omniscience about the universe.[2]


Jaco when talking to Bulma refers to him as an all-knowing sage who would be able to pinpoint the purpose of the Super Dragon Balls and the location of the undiscovered seventh Super Dragon Ball.




Part IV

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Hakaishin Champa Arc

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"Future" Trunks Arc

Main article: "Future" Trunks Arc Zunō was in his palace when his attendant was attacked by Zamasu, who threatened him to demand knowledge about the Super Dragon Balls.[3] The constrained Zunō gave the Kaiōshin apprentice the same explanation of the Super Dragon Balls as he earlier gave Bulma. When Zamasu quickly got fed up to ask about was how to use them, Zunō informed Zamasu about the need to state one's wish in the language of the gods, though Zamasu was a bit annoyed to learn that he needs to make a cheesy pun to summon the dragon.

Zamasu and Zuno

Zunō being threatened by Zamasu.

Zamasu next asked about the location of all Super Dragon Balls, Zunō at first refused to answer any further questions but after physically threatened by the former Kaiō, the all-knowing entity explained that they were used just a little while ago and so could not be used again for a period of time equivalent to the lifespan of a cockroach — roughly one year. Zunō later was enforced to told him the location of each ball, and everything about Son Gokū.

Dragon Ball Super (manga)

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Hakaishin Champa Arc (manga)

In Other Media

Video Games

While he did not make an appearance himself, Zunō's hairstyle appears as a "wig" in Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2, entitled "Lord Zuno's Topknot Wig".


  • Zunō's name is likely taken from "brain" (頭脳, zunō), reflecting his special ability, with the same pronounciation but spelling to katakana.
  • His designation is based on the traditional Japanese character of Fukusuke, a figure representing good luck.


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